Doctor’s Diagnosis

img_8750Where and how to start?

First of all,  thank you for all your prayers, support, encouragement, cheering me up and all the good stuff! My doctor gave me his “final diagnosis” couple weeks ago and on the 28th he made it more “legit” in writing after I had some tests.

I’ve been wanting to cry but I can’t, I do have some tears here and there but Gio makes me laugh and when he hugs me or holds my hand I put myself together and continue. I don’t focus on the diagnosis because God is bigger and better! You see, I’m not sharing to feel bad for me or for pitty or to scare you. I’m sharing this to encourage you to believe, to pursue, to have faith, to encourage you, to fight, to be a warrior and not to give up or quit.

I am not sugar coating anything, I do get scare sometimes and I do get  sad, discourage, hopeless but I don’t stay there too long. Plus many people pray for me and I do feel the prayers. That’s when I get up and continue to press in, God reminds me of his plans for my life, for my destiny, he sends me his kisses when I need them the most and I do believe this is not the end because I have a destiny!

I have this man in my life who I love very much and he loves me very much (I hope😁) Sometimes I wonder if I’m taking the right decision to keep him around and I feel I should let him be free and happy with someone healthy than me and not let him suffer along with me. Right?! But I’m wrong, he makes me so happy and without him probably I wouldn’t be the same person I am now. He always makes sure I’m smiling and we do have fun our humor is one of a kind. I’ve never felt this happy and the way he makes me feel, it’s something that I am enjoying every day just to let be loved. He is amazing just the way he takes care of me and he looks into my eyes and I forget the pain I feel!

This can’t be the end Why?! God healed me once and he can do it again. I met this man and makes me happy. God always gives and NEVER takes away. God always turns bad things into greater and better. God NEVER gives you bad things or illness. One thing I know is HE gave you the whole package at the cross! As for me, I keep believing in the manifestation of his glory in me! I keep believing in a miracle! I will keep walking in faith! I will be a conquer because I am victorious and not a victim! Let HIS will be done, here on earth as it is in heaven!!!


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