Cancer in the Outdoors – Camping and Hiking Experience

I’ve never been camping in my life before and somewhere on July I was sitting next to Gio and he says pick a day so I picked Oct. 6 then he says that’s the day we are going camping. I was surprised and little worried because my health hasn’t been good at that point with cancer and started new treatment on September 23. My goal was to mark that trip out of my bucket list….

The day came to packed and buy food to take. Then the day came to get on the road, to see this beautiful farms and corn fields. I like to be on the road because you get to see nature at it’s the best, I love the quietness and peace this brings to my soul. I like to admire the blue sky, the shinny sun lightning and bringing out the gold on the field and green grass. Enjoying empty roads going up and down and then you see the cows, horses and trees. Just enjoying the wind blowing on your face and hair.

We got to our destination, we set up our sleeping bags and take everything out of the car to start the amazing camping weekend. I was eager to go for a hike, Gio says you want to go for a walk and I said yes! This is what I came for….We went for an hour hike and going up a hill my breathing was rough. I was huffing and puffing at 7 minute hike I was about to give up. I was saying to myself I can do it, I want to experience all this….I did it and I was sweating, couldn’t catch my breath but I kept going. We came back from our hike had food and we sat around the fire, talking and relaxing.

The next day we had campfire coffee and I had some dry mangos and beef jerky, then we went off for a long hike. Gio asked me “Are you ok with going here and here?”. I said “that’s why I’m here”, so we hiked and I was taking deep breaths just so I don’t ended up coughing. I was behind Gio the whole time, not like far away but very close to him. Which at the pace Gio walks/hike I’m very proud of myself for not stopping at all other than to see the top overlook. We saw a deer, a blue bird, a robin, we saw butterflies different colors and the awesome nature. I loved to see leafs, mud, branches, rocks, trees, etc. After a 2 hour something hike, I was ok and went to just lay down and the pain started(cancer/treatment pain). I was moving around and it didn’t go away, so I decided to get up and we ate food. Later we had s’mores and it was delicious! We burnt all the wood we had then we went to sleep.

Overall, I would love to do it again!! Camping and hiking are checked on my bucket list. I really enjoyed been out with the man I love and nature. I will so do it again, yes I said it! I will do it all over again many times in different places. I am proud of myself for doing those hikings and camping. I’m happy Gio never made me give up and he didn’t try to stop me from hiking or made me go back. I’m very thankful to have him and encouraging me to keep going, because we were climbing up and if he didn’t say “it’s almost over” I wouldn’t do it and just quit (by the way, it was not even almost over) his support makes me feel so blessed! He made sure I eat first before him and that is so nice from him to do and even think of me first! So if I would love to encourage you to do things you love, you used to do and/or would like to do. Nothing should stop you from be a powerful warrior. Go and enjoy life to the fullness(says the one with cancer) if I can do it, you can also do it and more!!




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